YMM #068 … How To Make YOUR Spouse Feel Loved!

Hey gang …

Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matterz podcast episode YMM #068 … How To Make YOUR Spouse Feel Loved! Understanding Relational Needs In Marriage!

We have a great show for you this week as we dig into being intentional about building strong, vibrant marriages and learning what our relational needs are and how they give us the keys to making our spouse feel loved!

We have a Relational Needs Survey you can download at …

  1. YMM Relational Needs Questionaire
  2. Our Your Marriage Matterz Facebook page – Click Here
  3. Or, e-mail Jim and put SURVEY in the subject line and he will send it to you … jim@teamjacobus.com

In this survey we measure 10 different relational needs … Acceptance, Affection, Appreciation, Approval, Attention, Comfort, Encouragement, Respect, Security and Support. Here are some things you will learn:

  • Doing the survey will provide a lot of clarity around the mystery of how do I make my wife/husband happy!
  • Why doesn’t he/she respond when I (try to make them feel loved with what makes me feel loved)?
  • Some great ways to communicate what you want from your spouse and learn what they want from you!
  • Clear up a lot of sources of frustration in your marriage you may never have even known existed!
  • A great plan moving forward for being intentional in your marriage1

We know you will enjoy this week’s podcast so download the survey, complete it and let’s get started!

Jim & Christie Jacobus

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