YMM #069 … How To Make YOUR Spouse Feel Loved! (Getting the Most From YOUR Survey)

Hey gang …

Welcome to YOUR Marriage Matterz podcast episode YMM #069 … How To Make YOUR Spouse Feel Loved! (Getting the Most From YOUR Survey)

We have a great show for you this week as we dig into being intentional about building strong, vibrant marriages and learning what our relational needs are and how they give us the keys to making our spouse feel loved!

This week we are digging deeper into last week’s podcast and going through a debriefing process that will bring a lot of clarity around what do I do exactly to make my spouse feel loved!

We have a Relational Needs Debriefing form you can download at …

  1. Our Your Marriage Matterz Facebook page – Click Here
  2. Or, e-mail Jim and put SURVEY in the subject line and he will send it to you … jim@teamjacobus.com

On the podcast we model the debrief for you and while doing it we learned new things about each other even after 31 years of marriage. We are excited to hear what you learn in your debrief!

Click Here To Listen!

Let us know if you have any questions or if we can help you in anyway …

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